What We Do

We are in the process of developing a clothing line based on STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. We're at the early stages, but we hope to officially be up and running early next year.

The icons listed below came with this template. We'll be replacing them with our own graphics. This page is just a placeholder anyway.

Brand Identity

We're working on our own Brand.

Creative Ideas

We're using our own creative ideas.

Awesome Support

We'll be providing amazingly awesome support.

Professional Design

Our designs will be professional, and unlike anything ever seen before.

Unique Items

We hope to have a selection of unique items that no one is providing.


We're starting small.
That will change quickly.

About us

At this point, we're just getting started. If you check out our postings on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you'll see how we're building things up from absolute zero.

Through our social media postings, you'll see our progress. It is our hope to be as transparent as possible with what we're doing. It's slow-going, but every step we take moves us in the right direction.

Pattern Designs




Material Sourcing


Excitement About This Endeavor


Contact Us

If you have questions about us, or just want to say hi, please complete the email form below.

We're located in Tampa Bay, Florida, where it's hot and humid all the time, except for 2 weeks in February.